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Say goodbye to pet messes with our Dog Urine Absorbent Paper. These highly absorbent sheets are designed to quickly soak up and lock in liquids, keeping your floors clean and dry. They're perfect for house training or for use with older pets. Keep your home fresh and clean with ease.



CONVENIENT AND QUICK - No more headaches because of the pet messy urine, just a drape to the water, 10 seconds to quickly absorb the pet's urine, dry and no residue after using the pet absorbent sub.

STRONG WATER ABSORPTION - Powerful water absorption performance, using black technology polymer water absorption factor material, quickly lock water, do not leave a mark. Keeps your house odor free.

FREE YOUR HANDS - Eliminates the need for mop, toilet paper and other manual cleaning, only 3 steps are needed to deal with pet urine, just the paper cover can be automatically sucked dry, so you no longer have a headache because of cleaning.

MULTI-PURPOSE PAPER - It can not only clean up pet urine, even baby urine, or table water can be sucked, and narrow and convenient, whether at home or shopping malls or shopping, you can conveniently carry it.


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