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1.Food-grade Material: Crafted from food-grade ABS material, our Cat Strip Feeder is durable and safe for your pet. They can enjoy lickable meals without fear of damage from wear and tear. Trust this sturdy design for more feeding fun and wellbeing.
2.Effortless Feeding: The Cat Strip Feeder's clever button and ergonomic design make it easy to serve your feline friend. Squeeze cat food with no wastage and push forward for a satisfying meal. Your cat will love this convenient and labor-saving gadget.
3.Transform Pet Feeding: Deepen the relationship between pets and owners with the Cat Strip Feeder. This innovative product allows you to feed your cat strips without making a mess on the floor or table. It also prevents your cat from biting or tearing the packaging, which can be harmful to their health.
4.Easy to Grip: Save time and effort with the easy-to-use Cat Strip Feeder. The 19.8cm extra long handle design lets you effortlessly slide the squeezer and adapt to different strip sizes, while squeezing through ultra-slim gaps with 0.6mm extrusion clearance.
5.Scope of Application: Easily scoop up various cat treats and strips with this multipurpose feeder. Perfectly suitable for all types of wet cat food, it can be used as a spoon or holder for cat strips and slime treats. Cleaning and storing is hassle-free.
The Cat Strip Squeeze Spoon is made of food grade ABS material and allows you to easily squeeze through narrow gaps. The design prevents improper packaging and the spoon moves forward slowly to avoid spilling. Perfect for dispensing cat strips!
Product size: (approx.)25*6.5*0.4cm/9.84*2.56*0.16 inches


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