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1/6Pcs Antibacterial No-wash Gloves Pet Disposable Cleaning Massage Gloves Cats Dogs Deodorant Puppy Kitten Bath Pet Supplies


Material: non-woven fabric

Pattern Design: Solid Color

Suitable for: Dogs/Cats

Size: 24.7cmx25cm


This disposable glove is specially designed to clean the body parts for pet cats and dogs, such as ear canal, claws, eyes, chin, etc. It also provides a massage for pets while cleaning.



1. No Rinse: Free your hands and provides great comfort. When you need to bathe your naughty pets, rub gently with your hands for a few moments. The pet wipes will create a fine surface, then it can help your pets to clean the body. At last, just wipe it clean with a towel, no need to rinse your pet with water.
2. Crowded Ideal for Parents: Pet cleaning wipes are easy to use. Portable pack doesn't take up much space, you can use this pet wipe to help your dogs or cats bathing at home or on the go.
3. Ultra soft and durable fabric: Dog wipes are soft and comfortable. Gentle for sensitive areas but strong enough for tough odors and clutter.
4. Individually wrapped: Each glove is in a separate sealed package. When you go out or travel, you can take it separately.
5. Five-finger gloves: The design of the five-finger gloves can help you to rub your pet more carefully, especially the key parts, such as the corner of the dog's eyes, cheeks, ears ,. Legs, privacy parts, etc.



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