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No More Harmful, 2 In 1 Remove!

Cat hair can harbor parasites such as fleas and mites, which can cause itching, irritation, and infections in both cats and humans.

2 in 1 cat brush is a must-have for cat owners. It eliminates hair from your cat and carpet and protects you and your furry friend from the itchiness and infections caused by fleas and mites.

No More Flying Hair!

The moisture will prevent the hair from flying every where while combing and it can capture more hair than traditional brush.

A Gentle and Safe Cat Brush

The bristles are soft and gentle, so they can untangle the hair without hurting the cats or harming the environment.

Easy to clean

To clean the cat brush, just take off the soft towel part. It helps you get rid of the cat hair that gets stuck on it.

Enjoy Massaging and Bonding with Your Cat

The cat brush lets you pamper your cat with a massage as you groom them, creating a great bonding moment for you and your furry friend.



A Carpet Hair Solution

You can also use the squeegee on the reverse side of the cat brush to easily eliminate hair on the carpet.


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